General Immigration(Express Entry)

Consider all of your Canadian immigration options.

Did you know that there are more than 60 different Canadian immigration programs?
Our unique CanadaVisa assessment system evaluates your eligibility across all of them.

Fill out the free Canada Immigration assessment form below now to assess your eligibility:

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General Immigration (Express Entry)
First Name
Last name
Freferred Destination In Canada?your full name
Marretial Status
Do you have any Dependent Children?
Have you previously submitted an Express Entry profile to Citizenship and Immigration Canada?
Occupation 1your full name
Occupation 2
Occupation 3

Your Personal Net Worth
Your Personal Net Worth is the current value of all the assets (e.g. properties, investments, stocks, bonds, bank accounts) that you (and your spouse/common-law partner, if applicable) personally own, MINUS the current value of all your combined personal liabilities (e.g. mortgages, loans, credit card balances). Please be sure to include your share of the value of any businesses that you own.

Choose Currency
Net Worth
Your Language Skill
Your Education Training
Secondary School
Higher Secondary School
Under Graduate
Double Masters
Double PHD
Your Work History
Have you ever worked in Canada in a skilled occupation for at least one year?
Have you done any paid work any where in the world during the last 10 years?
Family and Friends in CanadaDo you, or your Spouse/Common-Law Partner, have any family members, relatives, or close friends living in Canada?
Your Spouse/Common-Law Partner's Information How old is your Spouse/Common-Law Partner?
Years Oldyour full name
Your spous/common-law partner's language skills
Your Spouse/Common-Law Partner's Occupation:
Occupationyour full name
Experienceyour full name
Has your Spouse or Common-Law Partner ever worked in Canada in a skilled occupation for at least one year?
Your spous/common-law partner's education
Have Your Spouse/Common-Law Partner's completed high school ?
Have Your Spouse/Common-Law Partner's completed under grade?
Have Your Spouse/Common-Law Partner's completed high school ?
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